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Welcome to the 2007 TIM HOWARD GOALKEEPER ACADEMY and ELITE GAMEFACE STRIKER CAMP!  That’s right, Tim Howard – Current EVERTON FC Star Goalkeeper and former English Premier League goalkeeper for famed club Manchester United is coming home this summer!  Tim was named the E P L Goalkeeper of the Year during the 2003/2004 English Premier League season.  Now, Tim Howard is going to be sharing his skills and experiences with you!  This is the greatest opportunity in America for aspiring goalkeepers.  As he was during the 2005 Academy, Tim will be actively involved in the daily activities at this very exclusive goal keeping academy.

There are many goalkeeper camps in America.  There are many good goalkeeper camps in America.  There are many goalkeeper camps that have former professional players as instructors.  Now, there is the best!  The TIM HOWARD GOALKEEPER ACADEMY is a learning place.  It’s a goalkeeper’s dream.  This academy will be the experience of a lifetime.  You will get to know Tim Howard and his methods.  You will find out first hand, what it takes to play the game’s most demanding position at the world’s highest level.  Tim Howard is an amazing individual.  His climb to the top was not easy.  His success has come from many hours of training, discipline, and perseverance.  Now, you can take advantage of this unbelievable opportunity!

This is not a camp where the headliner shows up to sign autographs for an hour.  This is an academy where you will be exposed to the latest techniques required to succeed, by TIM HOWARD himself!  You will spend hours with him.  You will talk to him, walk with him, learn from him, and get to know him.  You will see him demonstrate his amazing world class goal keeping skills every day.  He will help you become the best goalkeeper possible.

Enrollment will be limited.  Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity.  Apply early!  Be a part of a learning experience like no other.  Be a part of the 2007 TIM HOWARD GOALKEEPER ACADEMY and ELITE GAMEFACE STRIKER CAMP!

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